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Pipe Burst Virginia Beach

Pipe Burst Virginia Beach

Pipe bursts are all too common in areas of the country containing older homes that have older plumbing, and once a burst pipe spills gallons of unwanted water into your living room or basement all sorts of property losses can occur, which is why you need the services of experienced, trusted experts like our water damage Virginia Beach team at 911 Restoration Virginia Beach. In our 35 years of experience dealing with pipe bursts and frozen pipes, we’ve seen it all from freezing temperatures causing burst pipes in Virginia Beach to old, cast-iron and clay plumbing leading to bursting pipes. At 911 Restoration our pipe burst Virginia Beach team can repair your pipe burst as well as assist you with any other water damage restoration issues you’re experiencing, including:

  • Pipe freeze
  • Flooded crawlspace
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Water heater issues
  • Toilet overflow
  • Fire sprinkler malfunction
  • Mold infestation

Our pipe burst Virginia Beach technicians respond to frozen pipe problems as well as all other restoration needs in 45 minutes or less, guaranteed. We always respond fast when addressing pipe bursts and pipe freezes in Virginia Beach because within hours of a pipe failure hundreds of gallons of water can escape, destroying your home and leading to additional problems like mold growth if left untreated. Depending on what area of your home the pipe burst occurs, you and your family could be dealing with varying categories of water:

  • Category 1 water – “clean water”, such as a pipe burst in a sink
  • Category 2 water – “grey water”, such as a burst from a washer hose
  • Category 3 water – “black water”, such as from an untreated toilet pipe burst

A category 3 water situation is particularly worrisome and needs the prompt attention of trained professionals like our licensed, insured and bonded technicians at 911 Restoration. Our pipe burst Virginia Beach team recommends however that you don’t let things get this far, so if you’re currently experiencing a burst pipe in Virginia Beach give us a call right away!

What Do I Do if I Have a Pipe Burst?

Our pipe burst Virginia Beach specialists know that a burst pipe or pipe freeze is no laughing matter and that in the event of either the first thing to do before calling 911 Restoration is to find your main water line and shut it off. This crucial first step will minimize damage, save you and your family repair costs as well as increase the likelihood of your water damage claim be covered. While we dispatch a team of pipe burst Virginia Beach experts out to your home or business to assist you, additional steps you’ll want to take include:

  • Rearranging furniture to make room for our technicians
  • Moving wet furniture to dryer areas of your home
  • Opening windows to facilitate ventilation
  • Keeping family members away from the damage

You’ll want to take these steps while you wait for our team to arrive so that your water damage remains a class 1 or 2 situation. At 911 Restoration our pipe burst Virginia Beach experts specialize in resolving problems fast so that your family doesn’t experience any increased burden, so for the best service in the event of a pipe burst in Virginia Beach call our team today!

What is the Best Pipe Burst Company in Virginia Beach?

Due to our ability to always take care of pipe bursts and frozen pipes fast and efficiently so that damage and is kept at an absolute minimum, 911 Restoration is the best pipe burst company in Virginia Beach. Our team of licensed, insured and bonded pipe burst Virginia Beach technicians always respond to burst pipe emergencies within 45 minutes because we know how quickly water damage can escalate into a black water situation or mold infestation. Virginia Beach, Virginia is truly a great place to live and raise a family but its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay means that water damage is an ever-present concern. Combine that with the amount of historic homes in the area with old pipes and plumbing and you have a recipe for disaster. At 911 Restoration we truly care about the health of your family, as well as the value of your Virginia Beach area home. So don’t wait for the next unexpected pipe burst or freeze to flood your residence, pick up the phone today and call our pipe burst Virginia Beach specialists now!

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