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Water Damage Hampton

Alleviating the pressure caused by a water damage Hampton situation is what keeps Hank Miller and his expert crews of IICRC certified professionals with 911 Restoration Virginia Beach at the forefront of the industry.

Restoration Vapor Barrier InstallationWater damage moves fast, but fortunately our professionals do to, and they can be at the scene within 45 minutes to begin providing relief.

“We know that when water strikes, people need a quick response, and to provide that for them our technicians are available 24/7/365 for every type of scenario,” Hank says.

Immediate action is imperative when water damage surfaces, but on top of that people need expert technicians who have a customer’s best interests at heart for every aspect of the job.

“Our customers know every step of the way what will happen next, because we take the time to inform them of the process before we start it,” Hank says. “This builds a trust that can’t be matched by other players in the restoration industry.”

Letting water linger is a sure fire way to create a mold growth scenario, so if you have any kind of water related issue, contact Hank and his water damage Hampton crews with 911 Restoration Virginia Beach today!

Preventing Damage through Simple Maintenance Tasks

Hank has been stopping increased loss through his efforts in the restoration industry for long enough to know all the best methods for water damage prevention.

Flooring Restoration WorkThis knowledge allows him to solve any kind of water damage Hampton issue, but it also gives him the ability to provide homeowners the area over with the advice they need to help themselves.

“Homeowners need to make sure that they check the rubber hoses and plastic parts that connect up their water-based appliances to the main line,” Hanks says. “Doing so will help to catch small abrasions before they grow and become ruptures that will cause water damage.”

On top of this, people should make sure that the gutters are clean, and that their downspouts are projecting discharge at least five feet away from the foundation of the home to prevent liquefaction.

When the ground becomes supersaturated it can function much more like a liquid than a heterogeneous mixture of aggregated solids and this process can shift a foundation and severely damage a home.

“One of the easiest ways to keep your home safe from water damage is to simply check the most common areas for damage such as the roof line, appliances, or the water heater,” Hanks says.

Hank has all the knowledge that your home needs to protect it from flooding, pipe bursts, and even water heater failures, so contact him and his teams today for all the help you need!

Water Removal and Stress Reduction

There are very few instances in life that can be as mentally taxing as a water damage situation, and realizing this Hank makes sure to always put the customer first through all the restoration work that he and his water damage Hampton staff do.

911 Restoration Virginia Beach Vehicles at Job Site“It is crucial to us to make sure that the customer feels their needs and priorities are being met on all of our jobs,” Hanks says. “We had one homeowner who needed our help to relocate their family heirlooms to a dry location before we did any of the water extraction work. So we did.”

This is just a simple example of how Hank always goes above and beyond for his clients. It’s not just good business to Hank, it’s being a good neighbor. And because he is locally based, it’s important to Hank that his people are taken care of properly.

“We want everyone we do work for to feel that we have their back at all times. When we are done doing the job, we often get told that people felt like we were family they felt so taken care of. That’s a great feeling,” Hanks says.

Giving people the best also means providing them with help for their insurance claim too. For this, Hank and his crew will even file the insurance paperwork for people so that they don’t have to take on the pressure of a water damage challenge in conjunction with an insurance agent conversation.

If your home is flooded from a pipe burst or any other means, be sure to contact Hank and his water damage Hampton teams with 911 Restoration Virginia Beach today!

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